Why Offer
Telemedicine Consultations?

Telemedicine can make it easier, faster, and safer to give the healthcare your patients’ need.

Stay safe during the current COVID19 crisis and have a secure telemedicine consultation from the comfort of your office or home.

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Why Offer

Telemedicine can make it easier, faster
and safer to give the healthcare your patients’ need.


Telemedicine is the use of telecommunications technology to provide real-time health care to patients without the doctor and patient having to be at the same location.

Telemedicine through My Health Africa is delivered using videoconferencing (3G/4G/WI-FI connections) or voice-only-conferencing (for low bandwidth connections) via a secure platform specifically built for the healthcare industry in Africa with the highest standards.

A patient can easily use a smart phone, tablet or computer with a video camera (required for video calls) and an internet connection to connect with you.


All medical professionals across Africa should offer telemedicine as part of their total service offering to their patients.

Adopting telemedicine within your practice can help lower healthcare costs to you and your patients, increase efficiency at your practice, increase revenues, provide your patients better access to healthcare services, and in the end get happier, healthier patients who stay with your practice.

Please note that Telemedicine may not be suitable for every appointment type or situation. This includes emergency situations like a heart attack, stroke or any other medical concern that requires immediate hands on care or a condition that will require an in-person consultation. Tell your patients to visit their nearest hospital in case they need urgent care or schedule an in-person consultation through My Health Africa instead if they require an in-person examination.


Patient Convenience

Make it simpler for your patients to connect with you. Your patients won’t need to worry about travelling from their home to your office; worry about having to take time off work; worry about scheduling childcare. Your patients can take their Telemedicine Consultation from anywhere on any smart device. 

Less Chance of Catching COVID19

By staying home, while still ensuring your patients get the care they need, there is a lower risk of exposure to both you and your patients.

Better Health

When your patients are able to see you as often as they need, they can practice better management of their medication, lifestyle, and any chronic conditions they might have.

Less Time Waiting

If you offer Online Telemedicine Consultations, your patients will eliminate all that time spent waiting in a doctor’s office or hospital. 

Increased Revenues

Allows you to bill for otherwise uncompensated telephone or WhatsApp consultations. You can extend your work hours to capture more billable time outside of normal working hours. You can also see more patients during the same period as Telemedicine Consultations can be more efficient and enjoy revenue growth without the need to add office staff or office space.

Reduced No-Shows & Last-Minute Cancellations

All Telemedicine appointments are only confirmed once an upfront payment is made. This saves time, improves efficiency and reduces frustrations for both the doctor and patients. Inconveniencing transportation issues & traffic delays become a thing of the past with MHA Telemed.


The My Health Africa Telemedicine Platform is built with security and privacy at its core. MHA strictly adheres to health standards when it comes to privacy and confidentiality of any information shared.

Cost Efficiency

Save money on travelling to the doctor’s office. In many instances the standard cost of the Online Telemedicine Consultation through MHA costs less than the normal in-person consultation cost.

Improves Patient Engagement

Your patients can chat with you via the MHA Patient Chat, have a MHA Telemed Consultation at any convenient time and easily prescribe medication to your patients through MHA e-prescriptions. An increased patient engagement will lead to easier medication monitoring, management of chronic conditions & lifestyle coaching as it allows for easy follow up with your patients.

Improved Work/Life Balance

Telemedicine gives you the option to work from home part of the time, or to see patients outside of traditional office hours. MHA Telemedicine helps to separate your work and personal life by ensuring patients don’t call or WhatsApp you constantly on your personal number for non-emergency cases.

Competitive Advantage

Attract and retain more patients by offering your patients a convenient alternative to have a consultation with you. Compete better than traditional walk-in clinics and traditional hospital visits.

Scheduling Flexibility

Provides the opportunity to hold a consultation virtually anywhere and at any time. This gives you the option to offer extended hours or even weekend operations without requiring the physical office to be staffed.


  1. Easy scheduling + automated WhatsApp/SMS & email confirmation and reminders
  2. Easy Upfront Payment Options for Your Patients
  3. Secure & scalable Telemed video consultations + voice for low internet connections
  4. Secure Chat before and after with your patients via MHA Patient Chat
  5. E-prescribe medications and keep a secure record of all prescriptions for all your patients.
  6. Gain new patients – MHA markets you and your practice
  7. Next day settlements to your bank account


Patients easily pay online via debit, credit card or mobile money (country dependent, but also accept mobile money from most countries around Africa).



Built on a powerful platform that uses enterprise-grade security and trust (ISO 27001, SOC 2) that can scale to ensure MHA can handle thousands of calls at any given time.

Integrated with a market leading payment processor which is PA DSS & PCI DSS Compliant and is ISO 27001 & 22301 Certified, so you can be assured of the highest level of security for all online payments.

  • SSL Security ensuring an encrypted link between our server and patients/doctors.
  • Secure backups done twice daily and encrypted on our secure servers to ensure all data is always safe.
  • Daily malware scans and real time firewalls help to ensure hackers cannot gain unauthorised access to our site or servers.
  • Realtime monitoring.



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