Specialised Cancer Treatment

MyHealth Africa works with internationally accredited hospitals that provide world-class and personalized care to cancer patients.
The hospitals have a team of experienced cancer specialists and oncologists with expertise in providing comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of all types of cancer.

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Our partner hospitals provide comprehensive and advanced cancer treatment options.

If experiencing cancer signs and symptoms such as having unexplained extreme weight loss, thickening or lump in a part of the body, e.g., breast, fever, fatigue, unusual bleeding, and discharge.
Early cancer screening helps identify the early warning signs of cancer and prevents cancer from spreading into tissues and other body parts.

How Do I Start the Cancer Treatment Process?

  • Send your medical reports and preferences to us. For a comprehensive evaluation of your medical condition and quality treatment.
  • Receive quotation(s) within 24 hours. Get a FREE treatment plan and the estimated cost of your treatment when seeking overseas medical attention.
  • Get specialized treatment. Receive world-class and personalized medical care from top joint replacement surgeons and orthopaedics in our partner hospitals.

Looking For Comprehensive Cancer Treatment Options?

Chemotherapy It is used for cancer treatment and the shrinking of tumours.
Radiation Therapy This cancer treatment kills cancer cells or slows their growth by damaging their DNA.
Targeted Therapy Targets proteins that regulate the growth, division, and spread of cancer cells.
Immunotherapy This type of cancer treatment helps the immune system to fight cancer.
Hormone Therapy Slows down or prevents the growth of breast and prostate cancer.
Experienced world-class and personalized cancer care.

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Our Hospital Network

Picture of Medipol Global University Hospital Medipol Global University Hospital,
Istanbul, Turkey
  • Personalized care in diagnosis and treatment of cancer
  • Exceptional cancer specialists
  • Robotic surgery for complex procedures
Picture of HCGCCK Cancer Center, Kenya HCGCCK Cancer Center, Kenya,
Nairobi, Kenya
  • Leading cancer centre in Kenya
  • Latest technology in cancer treatment
  • Modern and advanced-day care chemotherapy unit
Picture of Apollo Hospitals Apollo Hospitals,
Chennai, India
  • 10 dedicated cancer centres across India
  • Specialized cancer treatment options
  • Team of surgical and radiation cancer specialists
Picture of Bumrungrad International Hospital Bumrungrad International Hospital,
Bangkok, Thailand
  • Comprehensive cancer screening
  • X-ray computed tomography (CT scanner) for cancer diagnosis
  • Bone marrow transplants and chemotherapy as cancer treatment options
Picture of American Hospital American Hospital,
Dubai, UAE
  • Leading Cancer Care Centre in Dubai
  • World-class cancer care
  • Diagnoses and treats head and neck, lung, and liver cancer
Picture of As-Salam International Hospital As-Salam International Hospital,
Cairo, Egypt
  • Cutting-edge technology in cancer treatment
  • Radiotherapy to kill or damage cancer cells from growing and multiplying
  • Exceptional team of cancer specialists
Picture of Anadolu Medical Centre Anadolu Medical Centre,
Istanbul, Turkey
  • Diagnosis and treatment of all cancer types
  • CTC technique to enable early diagnosis and effective treatment of cancer
  • Robotic surgery for complex procedures
Picture of Burjeel Medical City Burjeel Medical City,
Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • 1st cancer centre of excellence in Abu Dhabi
  • Diagnoses and treats colorectal, breast and lung cancer
  • Medical oncologists with expertise in providing diagnosis and treatment of cancer

Numbers from our network


Dedicated Apollo Hospitals' cancer centres across India.


Years of improved survival using intraoperative Hyperthermia Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy at As-Salam International Hospital.


Surgical and radiation oncologist specialists at Apollo Hospitals, India.

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  • Share your recent medical records.
  • MyHealth Africa matches you with the right cancer specialist for your condition.
  • Get free detailed treatment plans from our specialists for you to choose from.
  • Get booked at a leading cancer treatment facility of your choice, with our assistance every step of the way!
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I searched for a hospital in the UK and Europe, but it proved expensive. International medical treatment (IMT) located a hospital in Delhi, India. The Indraprastha Apollo hospital is a good place, very professional and immaculately maintained…

Prostate Cancer - United Kingdom

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Cancer starts when cells mutate and grow out of control, forming a mass or tumour.

No. Cancer cannot spread from one person to another.

General signs and symptoms of cancer include having unexplained weight loss, fever, fatigue, sores that don't heal, unusual bleeding or discharge, and thickening or lump in a part of the body, such as a breast.

Stage 0: Cancer hasn't spread.
Stage I, II, and III: Cancer has grown and spread into tissues.
Stage IV: Cancer has spread into other parts of the body.

Early cancer screening helps find health problems before symptoms appear. The screening tests vary with the type of cancer.

The cancer treatment depends on the type of cancer and other issues related directly to the patient. Cancer can be treated with surgery, bone marrow transplant chemotherapy, and radiation therapy.

Yes. You will maintain a productive lifestyle during cancer treatment.

After recovery, your dedicated Cancer Treatment support specialist will be there to assist you with your travel arrangements back home and any follow-up care you may need after.
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