COVID19 Telemedicine Emergency Response Platform Terms & Conditions

This is a free Service provided by My Health Africa in response to the COVID19 crisis. However, by using the Service you agree to our Terms of Use which can be read in full here: and our Privacy Policy which can be read in full here:

We strive to provide a good user experience for those using our Service. However, we do limit our liability. The following are extracts from our Terms of Use (but as noted above by using the Service you agree to the whole of the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy):

“You release us from all liability for you having acquired products or services or not, or your use of Content. We make no representations or warranties regarding suggestions or recommendations of services or products offered or purchased through the Site and/or the Services. We are not responsible for the accuracy, reliability, timeliness or completeness of information provided by users of the services or any other data or information provided or received through the services.”

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Please also note:

All personnel answering calls through the COVID19 Telemedicine are not employees or partners of My Health Africa and no doctor patient relationship is created between you and us when you use the Service.

Your use of this Service is not a substitute for healthcare and is for information purposes only. We are not liable for any information given to you when using this Service and if in doubt, you should seek immediate advice from a licensed medical professional.

By using the Service, you agree to be signed up for a free account with MHA. You can use this free account to use any of the other free services on MHA. We may send some communications from time to time. However, you can stop this at any time by sending an email to and we will delete your account.

Privacy and data protection is very important for us. It is important that you read and understand our full Privacy Policy before you use the Service. However, as the COVID19 Telemedicine Platform has been created for a public good, some information gathered through MHA and by the health workers taking calls through the Platform, may be used for certain Government and Community Protection purposes and that such gathering and use of information does not have anything to do with MHA. MHA is not responsible for how this data will be used, although we will endeavor to ensure its only used for the COVID19 Emergency Response.

If you have any questions, would like to share any compliments or complaints about this Service, please send an email to