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MyHealth Africa works with internationally accredited hospitals that provide comprehensive and specialized fertility care to couples or individuals who want to achieve their dream of parenthood.
The hospitals have fertility specialists with experience and expertise in providing comprehensive fertility options to start or grow your family.

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Fertility treatment is necessary when couples or individuals are experiencing unexplained fertility issues.
Treatment options such as IVF and IUI and others are offered to achieve a successful pregnancy.

How Do I Start the Fertility Treatment Process?

  • Send your medical reports and preferences to us For a comprehensive evaluation of your medical condition and quality treatment.
  • Receive quotation(s) within 24 hours Get a FREE treatment plan and the estimated cost of your treatment when seeking overseas medical attention.
  • Get specialized treatment Receive world-class and personalized medical care from top fertility specialists in our partner hospitals.

Looking For Comprehensive Fertility Treatment Options?

IVF Treatment Successful IVF procedures result in pregnancy when the eggs are fertilized, and the embryos are successfully implanted in the uterus.
Intra-Uterine Insemination (IUI) Effective IUI procedures result in pregnancy when sperm are successfully deposited into the uterus during ovulation.
Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) A successful ICSI procedure results in pregnancy when sperm is successfully injected into eggs and the resulting embryos are implanted in the uterus.
Egg/sperm and Embryo Freezing and Storage Egg/Sperm & Embryo Freezing and Storage procedures preserve fertility for future use, allowing you to have the opportunity to use them later when you are ready.
Donor Egg and Sperm Facilities Donor egg and sperm facilities allow you to use eggs or sperm from donors to achieve pregnancy through assisted reproductive technologies such as IVF or IUI.
Surrogacy services Successful surrogacy services enable the birth of a child for intended parents who cannot carry a pregnancy themselves.
Male Fertility Treatment (PESA, TESA) It involves retrieving sperm from the testicles or epididymis for use in assisted reproductive technologies, such as ICSI, to achieve pregnancy.
Assisted Laser Hatching It increases the chance of embryo implantation and pregnancy by creating a small opening in the outer layer of the embryo before transfer.
Testicular Biopsy It involves removing a small tissue sample from the testicle for examination to diagnose the underlying condition affecting the patient's testicle(s).
Blastocyst Culture It enables the development of an embryo to the blastocyst stage, where the embryo can be transferred to the uterus for a potential pregnancy.
Experience world-class fertility care to fulfil your dream of starting or growing a family.

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Our Hospital Network

Picture of Myra IVF Centre Myra IVF Centre,
Nairobi, Kenya
  • Leading fertility centre in Kenya
  • Specialises in IVF and IUI
  • 79% success rate in procedures
Picture of American Hospital American Hospital,
Dubai, UAE
  • World-class fertility facility
  • Largest provider of IVF in the Nordic region
  • Specialized program to offer support & counselling
Picture of The Wijnland Fertility Clinic The Wijnland Fertility Clinic,
Cape Town, South Africa
  • 10+ years of specialised fertility treatment
  • One of the first egg banks in South Africa
  • 62% average pregnancy rate per embryo transfer
Picture of Medipol Global University Hospital Medipol Global University Hospital,
Istanbul, Turkey
  • Full range of diagnostic & therapeutic treatments
  • 10 IVF package options
  • Professional psychological support
Picture of Apollo Hospitals Apollo Hospitals,
Chennai, India
  • One of the best IVF centres in India
  • Specialized investigative procedures for men and women
  • Performed 9,600+ IVF and 12,300+ IUI procedures
Picture of Bumrungrad International Hospital Bumrungrad International Hospital,
Bangkok, Thailand
  • One of the leading fertility centres in Southeast Asia
  • Assists 1,000s of couples to grow their families
  • Advanced technology coupled with high success rates
Picture of Anadolu Medical Centre Anadolu Medical Centre,
Istanbul, Turkey
  • Wide range of treatments, from basic care to advanced IVF
  • Embryology Lab with modern equipment
  • Pregnancy rate of 64% for women under 30
Picture of Mount Elizabeth Hospital Mount Elizabeth Hospital,
Mt. Elizabeth, Singapore
  • Expertise in modern fertility technologies & protocols
  • 88% cumulative pregnancy rate
  • Reputation for helping patients with a low likelihood of success
Picture of 3<sup>rd</sup> Park Hospital 3rd Park Hospital,
Nairobi, Kenya
  • Dedicated IVF department
  • Fully modular IVF suite
  • Offers couples a full-range, 360-degree service

Numbers from our network


IVF procedures done at Apollo Hospitals, India.


Babies delivered through fertility treatment at Myra IVF Centre, Kenya.


Average pregnancy rate per ova donor transfer at Wijnland Fertility Clinic, South Africa.

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My experience was simply fantastic. They provided me with ALL the information I needed to seek medical assistance. They guided me through all the stages from leaving home to returning home. Special thanks to Doreen for your expert guidance, I got my treatment.

Fibroid Removal Surgery - Kenya

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Get in touch with one of our fertility specialists who will conduct a series of tests and assessments, including a physical examination, blood tests, and imaging studies. Depending on the results, the specialist may recommend further testing or treatment.

The length of time it takes to get pregnant naturally can vary depending on several factors, including age, overall health, and the cause of infertility. Most healthy couples under the age of 35 should be able to conceive within a year of trying.

Treatment options for infertility can include medications, surgery, assisted reproductive technologies (ART) such as in vitro fertilization (IVF), and/or intrauterine insemination (IUI). The type of treatment recommended will depend on the cause of infertility and the overall health and fertility of the couple.

Yes, male infertility can be treated. Treatment options can include medications, surgery, and assisted reproductive technologies such as intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), which allows fertilization of the egg with the sperm.

The most common fertility-related conditions include Ovulation disorders, Fallopian tube blockage, Uterine or cervical problems, Endometriosis, Male infertility, Genetic disorders, Immunological disorders, and Age-related disorders, all of which our team of fertility experts specialize in treating.

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