My Health Africa was created to help strengthen the health sector across Africa for both patients and doctors.


We believe that allowing patients to take an active role in managing their own health is important, which is why we have created an educational platform to help people research and learn about health conditions affecting people across Africa as well as information on healthy living.

We also aim to help patients research doctors in their areas based on speciality and comments from other patients, and also be able to book an appointment with ease at their convenience 24×7, for a time that is suitable for them during the day.


We believe that doctors should be focusing on both increasing their knowledge and more importantly providing the best service to their patients. Too many doctors across Africa get stuck on unnecessary admin and paper work. That is why at My Health Africa we also focus on creating products that help doctors streamline their practices and concentrate on what matters most; helping their patients get better.


To be Africa’s leading interconnected health platform.


To help strengthen the health sector in Africa. We focus on both the patients by equipping them with the necessary education and tools to help them take an active role in managing their own health, and medical and health professionals to have access to the tools necessary to improve medical services for their patients.